Dishy Dogs Kidney Tonic

Dishy Dogs Kidney Tonic

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Dishy Dogs Kidney Tonic is a powerful natural herbal formula that supports optimal kidney function. Our unique blend provides gentle anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and circulatory attributes that can greatly benefit pets with kidney or bladder inflammation, FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), renal failure and other issues involving the urinary system. It cleanses and strengthens the kidney and assists with dissolving kidney stones and gallstones.

Dishy Dogs Kidney Tonic helps prevent the salt from being reabsorbed into your pet’s body tissues, so it literally forces debris out of the bladder, kidneys, and liver. It helps improve edema and general water retention, fatigue, and scanty or painful urination. It is a must have for pets with kidney and urinary tract disease.

Benefits of using Dishy Dogs Kidney Tonic are endless, here are the top 5:

  • assists with kidney or bladder inflammation, FLUTD, renal failure;
  • assists with dissolving kidney stones and gallstones;
  • prevents the reabsorption of salt and improves edema and general water retention;
  • is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial; and 
  • has circulatory support. 
      Ingredients: Human grade organic elymus repens, organic equisetum arvense, organic taraxacum officinalis root and leaf, wildcrafted arctostaphylos uva-ursi,  organic petroselinium crispus and organic crataeva nurvala.  


      Free from preservatives, irradiation, additives, fillers, gluten, GMO's, legumes, colourants, unnatural products, grains and sprays.  No added salt, sugar or flavour. 

      Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human grade ingredients. Our packaging is earth-friendly and recyclable.