Treats - Prawn Cocktail

Treats - Prawn Cocktail

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Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human-grade ingredients.  

Dishy Dogs Jerky Treats, are more than just treats for our furry friends, they are packed with "superior nutrition". Made with the finest 100% Australian human-grade ingredients, Dishy Dogs natural healthy treats are for discerning pet owners and for when only the best will do!

Benefits of Dishy Dogs range of natural jerky treats:

  • Assist puppies who are teething and dogs who like to gnaw on shoes;
  • Keeps your dog busy whilst you’re away (separation anxiety and boredom);
  • Assists with positive reinforcement behaviours (training puppies and dogs to learn new behaviours); and
  • Helps clean your dog’s teeth.

Dishy Dogs range of prawn jerky treats are made from the highest quality: 

  • Australian prawns (healthy, nutritious and delicious)!
  • Sourced out of the ocean from the northern rivers of NSW.
  • They are an extremely rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.


Free from: preservatives, glycerine, irradiation, carbohydrates, additives, fillers, gluten, GMOs, legumes, colourants, unnatural products, dairy, grains and sprays. No added salts, sugars or flavours.

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