The Passion

The Passion

Welcome to Dishy Dogs. We are a family run company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, whose passion is to maximise the wellbeing of your beloved pet. 

Here is a little bit about us and what drives Dishy Dogs to produce the very best products to give you the power to improve and maintain your pet’s health.

Dishy Dogs Evolution

You may be wondering why and how we got to where we are today.
Sadly, as many pet owners may have experienced as well, we lost our beautiful standard poodle Tzar to cancer. The agony of watching our baby go from being larger than life to having the life snuffed out of him, was gut wrenching. The effects on our family especially Ziggy our toy poodle who was left without his best friend, was devastating.

It wasn’t just about our devastating experience, it was our friends, their friends and their friends.

In addition, the team at Dishy Dogs had noticed for quite some time, a significant increase in the number of pets at a very young age developing chronic, degenerative diseases like cancer, pancreatitis, liver and kidney failure, IBS, UTI, heart disease, joint pain, alzheimer’s, dementia, allergies, arthritis and chronic skin conditions that were unheard of 10 to 15 years ago.

With a passion for pet health driving us, we did some digging to understand how many pets were actually succumbing to these diseases and WHY.

What we learnt was, that 1.65 dogs and cats in every 2, that is a whopping 82.5% of our beloved pets will develop some form of chronic disease!

Our findings were disturbing and confirmed what we had known for some time about highly processed foods; that they are nutritionally empty and go against feline and canine biology. And that the treatments given for insects and parasites chemically overload our pets.

But what shocked us the most, was how toxic and dangerous the long-term effects of these nutritionally empty foods and so-called medications could have on our pet’s health.

We realised there was a need for a safe, natural pet food that mimics the diet of a carnivore in nature. With a drive to make a difference, our nutritionally packed raw food range was born. 

We didn’t stop there. We added a range of natural, cost effective supplements and skin care products that are guaranteed to make a difference in your pet’s life.

Our Point of Difference

Dishy Dogs products are certified ‘Australian Made and Owned’. We use only the finest human-grade ingredients and our products are rich in natural vitamins and minerals.  Our meals are dense, so you are paying for substance, not a watery product. 99% of Dishy Dogs supplement ingredients are "certified organic" to ensure we deliver clean, toxic free products. We minimise our impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly packaging where we can.

We do not add salt, sugar or flavour, and we are FREE from preservatives, irradiation, additives, fillers, gluten, GMOs, legumes, colourants, unnatural products, dairy, grains, and sprays.

Our vision is to provide all pet owners world-wide with a range of natural, cost effective, high-quality human grade raw foods, natural treats and supplements that will optimise their pet's health.

Its never too late

As we have seen time and time again, by taking steps to improve the food you give your pet, and by supporting their bodies with high-quality supplements, great health gains can be realised very quickly.

Happy days

As we grow, we are increasingly rewarded with more and more happy customers telling us of the improvements in their pet’s health after they switched to a Dishy Dogs raw food diet and supplements.

In short, Dishy Dogs can provide you with the raw foods, treats and supplements that can help your precious pet live the longest, healthiest disease-free life possible.