The Passion

Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human-grade ingredients.  Our packaging is earth-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Welcome to Dishy Dogs. We are a family run company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, whose passion is to maximise the well-being of your beloved pet. 

Here is a little bit about us and what drives Dishy Dogs to produce the very best to give you the power to improve and maintain your pet’s health.

Dishy Dogs Evolution

For some time now, the team at Dishy Dogs have noticed an increasing number of pets at a very young age developing chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, pancreatitis, liver and kidney failure, heart disease and chronic skin conditions.

In fact, 1.65 dogs and cats in 2 will develop chronic disease! Alarming isn't it? How so, you ask?

Having lost our beautiful poodle to cancer, we started researching the ingredients in large commercial pet company’s processed dry foods and wet foods and how heartworm, flea, tick and insect medications really work. The findings were horrific.

Not only did we discover that some foods were nutritionally empty and against canine & feline nature, our findings also showed us how toxic and dangerous the long-term effects of these foods and the so called heartworm, flea/tick medications could have on our pet’s health. In addition, our beautiful country and its rich array of wildlife are under stress from amongst other things, plastic!

The Wonders of Raw Food

The Dishy Dogs team realised the significant health benefits of feeding our four-legged family members with 100% REAL, nutritionally packed raw foods. 

It was then that we saw the need for a safe, natural, pet food that mimics the diet of a carnivore in nature. So, we decided to bring out a range of products designed specifically to optimise our pet’s well-being, whilst at the same time leading the way in saving our planet. 

Not only does Dishy Dogs use the finest human-grade ingredients, we are also environmentally conscious, packaging our meals in earth-friendly containers that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Our products have no added salts or sugars and are free from preservatives, irradiation, additives, fillers, gluten, GMOs, legumes, colourants, unnatural products, dairy, grains, and sprays.

All is not lost

The good news is, by taking steps to improve the food you give your pet, great health gains can often be realised very quickly.

Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and fibre, Dishy Dogs can help your precious pet live the longest, disease-free life possible.

Dishy Dogs put simply, is superfood for our beloved furry friends!

Happy days

As we grow, we are increasingly rewarded with more and more customers telling us their success stories of improvements in their pet’s health after they switched to a raw food diet.

We felt pet food should be food our pets would instinctively love, thrive on and give them the best chance of living a long healthy and disease-free life. 

In short, Dishy Dogs is everything your dog needs for a complete and balanced healthy diet.