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What is Colostrum? read on or download a free copy of our Colostrum fact sheet here

Colostrum is the antibody-rich fluid produced from the mother's mammary glands during the first day or two after birth. It contains a number of antibodies and growth factors, which young animals and humans can absorb intact for the first couple of days following birth.  It’s an important source of nutrients that promotes growth and fights disease in infants, but it can also be consumed during other phases of life — typically in supplement form.

Even though all mammals produce colostrum, supplements are usually made from the colostrum of cows. This supplement is known as bovine colostrum.

Scientific research, conducted in the last decade in major medical research centres and universities, throughout the world, has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow's colostrum are virtually identical to human. Research has also shown that only bovine colostrum is not species specific and can work in human and other mammals such as dogs and cats. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, disease-fighting proteins, growth hormones, and digestive enzymes.

Bovine colostrum supplements have become popular in recent years, as they may promote immunity, fight infection, and improve gut health.

Why give colostrum to my pet?

"...colostrum is effective in stimulating the immune system and as an antimicrobial..."

In pets, colostrum has been recommended and anecdotally found useful for accelerating the healing of insect bites, wounds such as abscesses or ruptured cysts, warts, and surgical incisions. When taken internally, colostrum has been shown to aid in the proper function of the intestinal tract, reducing the severity of inflammatory bowel disease symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation. It appears to ease food intolerances or allergies, gingivitis and infectious osteoarthritis. Research evidence also suggests colostrum is effective in stimulating the immune system and as an antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Why does my pet need colostrum?
Research has shown that once our pets reach adolescence (6 – 18 months), their bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that help them fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. With the loss of these vital components, our pets age and die. Colostrum is the only source of these life-giving components ... the actual immune factors and all of our pet’s body's growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended (synthesized and isolated hormones throw the other hormones out of balance and have been shown to have significant side effects). Research has shown that colostrum has the demonstrated ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tissue repair (particularly the bowel lining), stimulate fat utilisation for fuel and optimize cellular reproduction (anti-aging). No other substance on the planet can provide all of these marvellous benefits.

How does colostrum help my pet?

Colostrum can help heal the body at the cellular level and prevent the onset of certain conditions. Colostrum is one of the most potent natural antibiotics and is one of nature’s foremost bio-active rich foods and one of the greatest natural sources of growth and healing factors.  Full of rich immune boosting antibodies IgA, IgG and IgM (1,2) and proteins IGF-1 and IGF-2 (1), colostrum is effective in stimulating the immune system to assist your pets’ body to fight disease-causing agents. 

With gingivitis, Colostrum's powerful antibacterial factors have been shown to help prevent and treat gingivitis. Application is made by applying colostrum directly to the gum area just before retiring. Reapply nightly until improved. Combining this with Dishy Dogs Flash Fangs and a bone daily, will keep your pet’s teeth in optimal health.

In summary: the immune-boosting effects of colostrum are well-studied especially in puppy and human baby populations. These effects are now being used extensively in adult dog populations to improve their immune system function. Colostrum not only prevents the canine flu; it also has the ability to prevent other viral insults owing to its rich mix of antiviral immunoglobulins. Some of the viral infections that colostrum has been proven to be effective in preventing and treatment include Bordetella or kennel cough, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis, and canine parvovirus.

5 key benefits to giving Colostrum on your pet:

  • Fine tune your pet’s immune responses – science says that colostrum is naturally rich in a special kind of hormone (proline-rich polypeptide or PRP) that plays a role in regulating immune responses. Allergies are believed to be caused by an over reacting immune system. Additionally, colostrum increases the production of suppressor T-cells which further aid in taming the immune system.
  • Promotes a healthier digestive system – more than 70% of the cells of the immune system are found in the gastrointestinal tract. Since food allergies in dogs occur because undigested proteinaceous molecules are able to pass through the intestinal wall, creating a finer mesh between the intestines and the bloodstream can help prevent the contact between these protein-containing molecules and the cells of the immune system. Large protein molecules should be digested in the small intestines and broken down into peptides and amino acids. Because immune systems cells are inherently smaller, they allow the large protein molecules to easily pass through, as such the immune system cells will attack these large proteins, producing the may symptoms we now associate with canine upset stomachs or food allergies. Colostrum coats the lining of the small intestine so that the large protein molecules will not pass through and additionally, colostrum contains highly beneficial bacteria which helps re-establish normal and healthy gut functioning, allowing for improved digestion of food and help facilitate the healing of leaky gut.
  • Aids in the management of certain types of cancer – rich in interleukins, lymphokines, and interferons, colostrum has been lauded for its beneficial effects in the management of certain types of cancers. Both interleukins and interferons are known to activate highly specialised white blood cells that search and destroy neoplastic cells. Known as cytokines, these substances are now one of the mainstays in cancer treatment. Interferons are also believed to inhibit cancer cell growth. In some instances, these highly specialised immune system cells are also believed to induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Colostrum also contains lactalbumin, as kind of milk protein that can kill cancerous Since colostrum contains immunoglobulins in exceptionally large amounts and IgE and IgD are especially known to fight viruses, this antiviral activity of colostrum can also aid in the management of cancers. Colostrum contains phytic acid, an antioxidant that prevents iron from being utilised by cancer cells.
  • Prevents canine flu – the antiviral activity of colostrum can help protect dogs against canine flu. The administration of colostrum to dogs was proven to be 3 times more effective in the prevention of canine flue than the flu vaccine itself. It is especially effective against H3N2 and H2NA viruses, originally from birds and horses, respectively. It also has the ability to prevent other viral insults.
  • Promotes efficient wound healing - colostrum is also rich in Insulin-like Growth Factor or IGF, especially IGF-1 (tissue regeneration) and IGF-2. What it does is it stimulates the increased production of protein building blocks to effectively start the tissue repair and healing process. IGF can work to promote tissue healing in skin and oral health problems, ear infections, insect bites, cysts, and even wounds caused by surgical procedures.

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