Dishy Dogs Superfood Feeding guide

Feeding guide

Environmentally Conscious

“Superior Nutrition”

Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human grade ingredients


The amount of Dishy Dogs superfood your dog will need varies depending on a number of things such as; breed, size, life stage, activity level and more.

We recommend you use our guide as an initial reference and adjust the quantity to achieve your dog's optimum level of food intake.

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Switch to Dishy Dogs Superfood

A sudden change in your dog's diet can result in digestive issues.  We recommend you allow at least 10 days to transition to the new raw food diet. For the best results, gradually increase Dishy Dogs Superfood into your dog's diet and decrease the old food until the switch is complete.

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Handy tips

  Dishy Dogs Superfood meals and bone broth should be kept frozen until required for thawing prior to feeding, then refrigerated until consumed. 

  We recommend you serve your dog's meal and bone broth at room temperature.

  Allow up to approximately 12 hours for Dishy Dogs Superfood meals and bone broth to defrost in the fridge. For a faster thaw, place on the kitchen bench or sink and ensure it is covered.

  During the colder months, Dishy Dogs bone broth can be slightly heated to make a great warming drink for your dog. We recommend you test a few drops on the inside of your wrist before serving, to ensure it's not too hot. 

  Once defrosted, Dishy Dogs meals will keep up to 5 days if stored properly in the fridge.