Dishy Dogs Power Pet is a natural pain, anxiety and stress relief supplement
Power Pet (CDB)

Power Pet (CDB)

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Dishy Dogs Power Pet is a full spectrum 700+ per 30mls natural healing supplement. CDB Pet uses the highest quality human-grade hemp and organic MCT oil. 

CDB Pet is known to be effective against a wide array of ailments, including pain relief,  managing anxiety, stress relief, skin irritations, joint pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and assist with eating. Read our Stress and Anxiety fact sheet here:

The benefits of using Dishy Dogs CDB Pet are endless, here are the top 8:

  • Helps manage pain, which includes severe pain and joint pain;

  • relieves stress;
  • manages anxiety;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • eliminates muscles spasms;
  • relieves seizures
  • assists pets with eating disorders.

Ingredients: Hemp and organic MCT oil.


Free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. No added salt, sugar or flavour.

Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human-grade ingredients. Our packaging is earth-friendly and recyclable.

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Dishy Dogs Superfood products are made with the finest human-grade ingredients.  

Dishy Dogs Jerky Treats, are more than just treats for our furry friends, they are packed with "superior nutrition".

Made with the finest 100% Australian human-grade ingredients, Dishy Dogs natural healthy treats are for discerning pet owners and for when only the best will do!