What People Say

What People Say

Environmentally Conscious

“Superior Nutrition” 

2019, 30 June - Their passion to provide a really natural, healthy product which is full of goodness. The packaging is environmentally friendly shows real commitment not only feeding my dog well but also the environment. My dog's coat is so shiny and he loves the taste. He also enjoys the treats. I would definately recommend. Linda J

2019, 25 June - Excellent product. I'm very impressed. Tiny Tenee

2019, 5 February - Since starting my beloved Max on Dishy Dogs Superfood, he has lost weight and stabilised. This is something I have not been able to achieve with other dog foods. Thank you for such a great product, Susan Jones.

2019, 1 February - About 3 months ago I changed to Dishy Dogs Superfood for health reasons after using commercial pet food on my 10-year-old poodle. The difference in his health is astounding. He has more vitality, is never sick and he has a spring in his step. The transition took a few weeks, but he loves the food, especially the bone broth. I can highly recommend Dishy Dogs to everyone, Jeff Wright.