Why raw is best for kitty

Cats are obligate carnivores. That means that their digestive system is designed exclusively for quick processing of high protein prey meals. One or two mice at a time.

Key Features of Cats' Digestive System

The following components are all part of a cat's digestive system:

      Sharp teeth meant to shear and tear prey

      Amylase is missing in cats' saliva, since they do not tend to eat high carb diets naturally, therefore, raw is best

      Starch processing enzymes are scarce in cats' pancreas' since they do not require high carbohydrate processing capacity

      The short length of the felines gut and the fast transit time means little weight in the guts for an active predator

      Cats' livers do not tend to store carbohydrates, and fatty liver disease can happen quickly if the normal dietary intake is not appropriate

      Metabolism control is mostly under control of protein intake since a cat's pancreas uses amino acid triggers for insulin release rather than glucose as is the case in people and dogs

      Cats are not scavengers like dogs can be, so they do not tolerate or enjoy anything less than super fresh raw food

      Cats are finicky—this is thought to be due to their natural pickiness for fresh food combined with an amazingly acute sense of smell that allows them to choose only the best.